Area of PCD Pharma Company Marketing

Marketing in a small area near your home can lead better results that marketing in a larger area of 2-3 districts.

When doing PCD Pharma marketing it is essential to decide the area in which you are going to do your marketing. This is much different that marketing during the MR job as that time the company used to decide the area to market.

Since a medical representative usually in his career has marketed in 2-3 districts, he usually has strong contact of doctors in each of these districts.  So he thinks that it is best to cash in on all doctors that he has a contact with.  But this not a good idea.  Reasons are as follows:

Higher cost of travelling and transportation: While doing your pen PCD pharma companies marketing,  all expenses are your own.  The companies will not re-imburse travel costs like the old company used to.  In a job the Pharma  company pays you for all travel but the returns of business gained are not yours.

Difficult to keep track of recovery: Chemists in a far away area may take advantage of the fact that you visit only once a month. These cause payments to be delayed in a Pharma PCD business in a far off area.  Also you will not be able to track substitutions in Pharma PCD marketing.

Stockiest may not be strong in distribution in those areas: The stockiest that you appoint will also mostly be close to where you stay.  His area of expertise will always be near to his stock point.  Thus in propaganda business, it is important to limit your area,  else there may be shortage of goods as the chemists in far off districts may not receive stocks on time.

Short expiry accounting can be a problem: Since you will visit dar off districts seldom,  your accounting with those districts cannot be very accurate which may result in bad debts.  It may also result many non moving products coming in short expiry.

Thus it is best to operate in a small area near to where you live.  To be successful in Pharma PCD business, one has to have good 20-30 doctors only who are going to prescribe stocks worth 10000 each.  This is going to be enough for you to earn at least double of what you used to earn in a job.

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