Difference between a Good Pharma PCD companies an excellent Pharma PCD company

Choosing a PCD company can get very confusing. This is because the number of options one has while choosing is too large. Even after short-listing a few good PCD companies who seem to fit your requirements, it is essential to find that excellent pharma pcd company. Here are a few pointers, which might help you choose the best pcd company:

Company Profile:

Company profile is important because during the introduction of the company to your doctors, if you have some good points to talk about the company it always helps. Even the location of the company matter, doctors because of poor quality look down upon a pcd company from Chandigarh or Baddi, but a Mumbai based pcd company will bring in trust in the eyes of doctors. Some history of ethical marketing will help or if the company has manufactured for any multinational companies then we can be sure about their quality. An export-oriented company will always have good quality products, as it is very difficult to export pharmaceutical products without having great quality.

Promotional inputs:

All PCD companies in India provide promotional support with their franchise. But it is always good to check the quality of promotional inputs. The matter in the visual aid should be well researched and well presented. MR bag should be well designed and sturdy. Visiting cards should be professional looking. Even the reminder cards and catch covers should be well designed. Always look for what small gifts a company is providing. All these together make an impression of a company in the doctor’s cabin.

Responsiveness of company:

Out of all the PCD pharma companies that you have placed an inquiry with, it is important to see how the marketing manager deals with your inquiry. This will give you an insight of the level of service that you can expect once you start marketing their products.

Additional inputs and product training:

Try and choose a pharma PCD company with newer products or products with something different to market. Additional marketing inputs to promote such products could really help beat competition and also get easy entry into the doctor’s cabin. If a company provides product training, either on the phone or in person then there is nothing like it.

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