Why is it better to choose a company which has a good company profile and rich marketing history?

While choosing a company for Pharma PCD, it most important that the company has a rich profile and also a good marketing history.

Easier to introduce a company to a doctor: A doctor’s reputation is reliant on the medicines he prescribes. When the doctor evaluates a company, he would be happy to know that the company is an old company doing good business since many years. This gives the doctor the confidence that yes the quality of products is good because a company which does not have quality cannot work for too long in this competitive environment.

Gains trust on company easier:  When you take a PCD company to a doctor who has no history, it becomes very difficult to convince the doctor to start prescribing the products. While a good PCD Pharma company which is old and has a rich marketing history is able to gain trust of the doctor easily.

Any new product introduced will be well accepted: Once the trust of the doctor is gained by the Pharma PCD Company, then they can keep introducing new products and ask for support from the doctors without having to prove its quality each time.

Availability:  A good marketing company understands that keeping more stock than required is essential.  The season may fluctuate and demand may increase any time. Doctors will not allow non availability of stock. An experienced Pharma PCD Company understands this need and thus will never go out of stock.

Company will provide rich marketing input: The marketing input quality and data that a good PCD company in India will provide will be of a far better standard than a plain manufacturing company. This will help differentiate the products in the market and gain good market share. All of this is through their experience of marketing and sending their own field to doctors and gaining feedback from them.

An experienced marketing company will know every small problem that one can face while going to doctors or competing in the market and thus will prove to be a better choice.

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