Advantages of owning a pharma-franchise over a marketing job in a pharma company

You get what you work for: While doing pharma-franchising, the more you grow your sales, the more your income grows. So you get a proportionate return in terms of income as compared the amount of work you put in. More work means more income. This is not the case in a job, even though your sales increase, your income does not increase proportionately. With franchise in pharmaceuticals, if you work really hard, sky is the limit.

Control in your hands: With pharma-franchise, you are the boss. You get to choose the company from the list of pharma-franchise companies available. You can also choose the product range that you want to market. As you already know what you can sell best, the complete range is on offer for you while choosing a pharma-franchise company. You can also decide the hours that you want to work for in a day.

No target issues: You do not face the extreme pressure that you face when working for a big pharma-company, whose only goal is sales. When you chose to do franchise in pharmaceuticals, there will not be any one following up with you and no sales figures questioned. You do not have to report to anyone, you do not have to explain yourself why you have taken a vacation or show sick leave notes. You only work for yourself so more respect and you lead an independent life.

Nearer to home: While working for a pharmaceutical company, you would be forced to relocate to a new city many times. Thus for months you will be away from home. When you chose to work for a franchise company, you can work close to home. Only a group of 30 doctors near your locality are enough to give you so much business that your income will be at least 3 to 4 times higher than that of a job in a pharma company.

Complete flexibility for decision making: When working with a pharma-franchise company, you can make all decisions yourself with regards to the schemes you want to provide to chemists and how many calls to make to a doctor. You even get to decide your own designation.

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