Non-Availability of stocks is Marketing Suicide for PCD Pharma Operations:

In the entire operations of a Pharma PCD marketing the most difficult process is convincing the doctors to write your brand of medicines.  This is because of the high amount of competition in pharma marketing. Many old companies have very old and strong relationships with doctors.  And many new pharma franchise companies have strong tie ups and arrangements for compensations with doctors.  Still our experienced Pharma PCD professionals with their sheer hard work and experience in the field somehow manage to break through the competition and get their doctors to start prescribing their companies brand. But sooner than later the new pharma franchise manufacturers fail to provide stock in time and the major issue of unavailability comes up.  In this situation the distributor has done everything right but only his choice of PCD Pharma Company has led him to failure.  The doctor will stop prescription of the brand and will never start again due to this unavailability of stock.  The distributor not only loses business but also loses trust of the doctor and will probably never get a re- entry into the doctors’ cabin.


Never done marketing themselves before:
Most of the Chandigarh and Himachal based Pharma PCD companies have never had their own marketing team before.  They do not know the difficulty faced by a PCD pharma marketing professional to be able to get products prescribed.

Very short term business mind of having transactions rather than being professional about marketing: These new Pharma franchise companies do not have a vision to create Long term business. They do not want to wait for business. They want immediate results even if they are small and short lived. Manufacturing companies are more bothered about running their machines continuously and less bothered about building brands and providing marketing support.

Solution: Always chose a Pharma PCD company who has some marketing background. One must chose a company which has full control over its manufacturing and has a long term goal of developing brands. PCD pharma companies which have a proven record of good inventory management and stock maintenance are important.

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